7 Ways to Start Getting Your Self-Confidence Back After Your Breakup

After suffering from a major breakup myself, I know how hard it can be and how much it can change you and your life.

These steps are not always easy to start incorporating into your life at first, but they are worth it and can make all the difference.

Realize it wasn't ALL your fault.
Even if you did mess up, there were still two of you in the relationship! Know that you’re enough just as you are and someone out there who is right for you is waiting to discover you!

Don't compare
The new girl/boyfriend is different.  Different doesn't mean better! Looks aren't everything and they will find that out soon enough.

Keep looking forward
You can't change the past,  you don't live there anymore. Your new life and love are ahead of you, they are just waiting for you to let go of yesterday.

Find something new to work toward
Think of things you would like to do or learn like Yoga, cooking, or plan a trip. Working towards something new is a great way to start building confidence, and no matter how small, it gives you something to look forward to and focus on besides your breakup. It also will give you a sense of accomplishment, which is always a confidence booster.

Even it's just walking for a few minutes a day.  It gets the endorphins going and makes you feel better immediately, and who doesn't like feeling better, right!

Make a list of your awesomeness!   
That's right - all those things that are special about YOU!  Try to find at least 25 things. Once you start, I'm sure you will find many more than 25.  This is a good time to ask your friends too, as they see things that you may not right now.   If you seriously doubt your self-worth, please seek help from a therapist or coach.

Find reasons every day to laugh and smile.  
I don't care if it's looking at cute baby or animal videos, or hanging out with that one friend who can always make you laugh.  It is important to laugh.  It's free, easy and is scientifically proven to relieve stress by allowing your brain to produce endorphins.  Smiling and laughing can boost your confidence by making you feel good.