Valentines Day - Dreadful or Delightful?

I learned a lot from spending my first Valentine's Day single and alone. Let's face it...this can be one of the worst days to be single, if you let it. All the commercials, every store looks like an explosion of pink & red hearts. You know you aren't getting the sappy card or the great dinner, the jewelry or any of the other over the top things the commercials are throwing at you or your friends are telling you about. Dreadful right?  I spent some time remembering our last Valentine's day together (queue the violins) frankly, romanticizing it at first.  Then I remembered, oh wait...he was spending our time together thinking about and wishing he was with his girlfriend! So after getting through the feeling of humiliation that memory always seems to bring up, I learned that this day could be delightful. No, really! Look at it this way.  You don't have any pressure to come up with that perfect gift, the perfect dinner or the perfect lingerie.  How many times did the hype create an expectation that ended up being more than a bit of a letdown?  

There is something freeing in the fact that you are not expected to DO anything this year.  No wondering if they really liked the gift or just pretended to.  No more pretending to like what they got or didn't get for you (come on, be honest...they didn't always nail it).  You can now declare this as your official "Me Day" and do whatever it is you want. You can stay home in your sweats, watch whatever show you want to or, if that is too depressing and you know you are going to end up crying and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's, then this could be the perfect day to get going on that "to do" list you've been putting off.  Go shopping and get those shoes you've been wanting. Put that outfit on you've been dying to wear and head out to your favorite watering hole with your other single friends and rock those babies!  Where do you think all the single guys are anyway!  So go out and delight in the day of you!