You've Been Warned! 10 Subtle Red Flags That They May Not Be The One For You.


Most of us know the big DANGER ZONE red flags to look for when you are dating. There are some obvious signs that they are not going to be the person for you to continue being in a relationship with, but there are a few more subtle red flags you might want to pay attention to that could spell trouble.

  1. They Can't Be Happy Unless They Are With You - While this may be flattering in the beginning it can be a real drag when you can't do your own thing once in awhile.
  2. The ONLY Friends You Have Are Theirs - This can be a form of control if they don't want you to hang out with your friends or meet new people without them.
  3. You Constantly Have To Justify Your Actions - You are in control of your life - when and how you do things. If they make you feel like you have to justify everything you do and say and that you need their permission to do it, this is a big red flag.
  4. EVERYTHING That Happens To Them Is Someone Else's Fault - You know this guy - he got fired not because he was late everyday but because it's not because of's that the boss didn't like him.
  5. They Guilt You Into Doing Things - If you don't do what they want they get mad, pout, generally throw a fit until you give in.
  6. If They Are A Scorekeeper - The one who brings up something you said 3 months ago and you don't even remember saying it. They are still not only holding on to it, but have rewritten it.
  7. The Serial Dater- If you find out that the longest they have gone between relationships is a week, then chances are you are a gap filler.  This is a person that needs someone, ANYONE in their life to feel complete.
  8. They Don't Want Anyone To Know They Are Dating You Yet - If they always have a reason why they are not introducing you to friends or family, run.
  9. The Right Or Wrong Person  - The one that says your preference is WRONG if it differs from their own.  For example, you want a relationship where you prefer to see your SO everyday and they don't, so they say you are wrong instead of compromising. 
  10. I Can't, I Have To Work - Whenever there is something you want to do they have to work, however when it is something they want to do their schedule miraculously opens up!