15 Reasons They Really Broke Up With Their Girlfriends...Seriously?

It sucks to be blindsided.  That moment when you are in the relationship, happy as can be and then BOOM! He breaks it off…No reason. No discussion. No seeing if you can work it out.  Nothing. Just Bye! What the heck? I am sure some people have had a “decent” reason to do it. Maybe they were dying. Maybe they had the an infectious disease.  But sometimes it is stupid. Like mind-numbingly stupid (See #13 below).

Want to see what some guys have given as the real reason they did the divide?  Read on…

 15 reasons they really broke up with their girlfriends

1.    "The way she treated me reminded me of how my mom treats my dad, and I never want to have a relationship as crappy as my parents'."

2.    "She told me that she could never see herself marrying a teacher because of money and prestige issues. I'm a teacher. She's also a teacher."

3.    "I watched him cheat on me and he will never know."

4.    "I told her I didn't want to have kids. That was a lie. I didn't want to have her kids."

5.    "Met the family of my SO. Suddenly the otherwise easy to ignore weird personality traits got huge once I saw them writ large on similar looking people. (Family of professional assholes. It was stunning.)"

6.    "Lack of personal hygiene.  When your toothbrush goes untouched for a month I ain’t kissing you."

7.    "I made up this personality for her because she was mostly quiet. So I just pretended she was this creative, funny, intelligent girl. I was with her for almost a year before I realized that silence doesn't equal intelligence."

8.    "Her mom told me I could do better than her daughter. A lot of people had told me this, but it didn't really mean anything until she said it."

9.    "Her voice. She was super sweet but she had one of those high pitched squeaky voices that just make you want to punch kittens. Awful."

10.  "I told her that I was breaking up with her because she could never get her priorities straight about our relationship. While this is somewhat true, the real reason I broke up with her was because she felt too safe with me."

11.  "I realized I had just wanted her because I didn't have her, but once I got her, I realized I didn't want her."

12.  "She didn't try hard enough to see me."

13.  "She ate her peas one at a time."

14.  "She was INCREDIBLY uninteresting. That's not something that you can tell them that they can readily change either. Some people just live monotonous lives by choice and won't/don't know how to change it."

15.  "I never told my ex the real reason I broke up with her was because I cheated and she didn’t need to feel that pain."

As you can see, sometimes there are decent reasons. Look, if it’s not clicking with one of you, don’t you want to know sooner than later? Divorce is a LOT more expensive than a breakup (We are talking cold hard cash here – I know emotionally it can feel like a bankruptcy).  But, honestly, you are better off.  Now you are free to find your lobster (Friends fans, anyone?) and they are free to find someone else to deal with the amazing amount of crap you put up with that you forgot about when they blindsided you.