11 Signs You May Not Be Ready to Date Yet

Ready, Set,  STOP!!!!

Not everybody is ready to start dating right after a breakup.  The old adage of "Get under someone else to get over your Ex" is probably the worst thing you can do to yourself.  It's ok to take some time to heal. How long that takes will be different for everyone.  Don't feel guilty or like you "have to" just because it's been 3 months (or longer) or because all your friends and family are telling you that you need to start dating again. You decide your timing.

If you are suffering from any of the signs below, you probably aren't ready to date yet.  

11 signs you may not be ready to date yet:

  1. If you find yourself trying to be something other than what or who you really are, that’s major red flag. If you’re pretending to be into bungee jumping or a big sports fan when in reality you have zero interest in either until you were attracted to a guy who is, then you aren’t ready.
  2. If you are still seeking the confirmation of someone else because you are not feeling confident and happy in your own skin.  Remember - 2 halves do NOT make a whole.  Be the best version of you before inviting someone else into your world. It’s fair to both of you.
  3. If you are not willing to compromise for someone else.  All relationships are going to require compromise and if you are still in the "this is how it is going to be" mode, you aren't ready.
  4. If you are still comparing everyone you meet to your Ex. No one is going to be able to live up to this.
  5. If even the thought of dating someone makes you nauseous.  
  6. If you are still angry over your last breakup. The last thing you want to do is meet a great guy and take out your anger on them. 
  7. If you are still hanging onto things and places from your last relationship. If you still have pictures on your phone and you are still avoiding places because you might run into them or that you went to together, you are not ready.
  8. If you are looking only because you're afraid to be alone. You should feel good doing things YOU enjoy alone versus always needing someone to do those things with to feel whole.
  9. If you are saying I NEED to date, not I WANT to date.  You should want someone to be a part of your life.  Not BE your life!
  10. If you have ulterior motives i.e to get back at your ex, to make them jealous, etc.  Besides the fact that is a really crappy thing to do to your unsuspecting victim.
  11. If you are looking for your next relationship to solve your problems or fix you.  You need to know your own value and worth first. 

You know yourself best.  When it’s time, for the right reasons, you will feel good about it. Taking your time will set you up for a greater chance of success in the future.