The Ultimate Breakup Question – Why??

While every breakup is different, we are all always asking the same things. 


When you think about it, breaking up is really all about individual perspective. Most of us have broken up with somebody in our life – some of us with more than one somebody. And no matter what reasons you had at the time – at the end of the day, you did for whatever reasons those were. You broke their heart and they became an ex.

When you start looking at it this way, it might become a little bit easier to start dealing with the emotions of your current breakup. If you really look back on your life, you will realize that you once did this to someone else. And no matter how hurtful it was for the other person or how bad you felt about it – whether you did it in the nicest possible way or maybe you didn’t handle it so well – your reasons were your reasons. And regardless of their feelings you still broke up with them. There was probably nothing they could have done or said that would have changed your decision.  

So remember your previous experiences as you are going through your breakup. Remember your motivations and your reasons for what you did – and that at the end of the day, you did it because you did it. And now someone has broken up with you for whatever reasons they have or have not given you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective. So after a while, instead of asking yourself why and being a victim of their decision – You need to say, “Why not?  What makes me or this relationship any more special than the relationship that I once broke up with?”

This concept can be applied to everything. Sometimes just turning something around and looking at it from a third eye or even from our own past experiences can really help with that turning point for you to get on the road to recovery. I know it’s difficult and I know for some of us it may have been years since they left us. But a lot of us have also left long-term relationships for our own reasons. So just remember what your reasons were and that there was nothing the other person could have done at the time to change your mind.

This type of thinking can help when dealing with this totally emotional journey that you're currently on. So the next time you find yourself asking  “Why?” remember to turn it around and say, “Why not?”