"Letting Go"
Finally, Let Go of Your Ex for Good!

Let's face it you got dumped and it SUCKS big time.

but ......WAIT FOR IT!

Imagine that....

You could stop obsessing about your ex 24/7.

You actually could start to care less about what they are doing and who they are doing it with!

You were able to deal with the pain of your breakup once and for all.

You were able to live life on your own terms again

You quit feeling like a victim of your breakup.

You felt confident and were able to get rid of all those things that made you feel unworthy.

You could learn about relationships and how to get the one you want and need.

You finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I get it, I was you.  I was a MESS!

I was lost, depressed and could barely function. I was numb and felt like I had nothing, I was nothing. 

I was hiding away at home, depressed, constantly in pain, obsessing about my ex, hoping he would come back.

Wondering why I wasn't good enough.  

Walking around with this huge gaping hole where my heart used to be and feeling like it was all I could do just to breathe.

I wasn't sleeping, I couldn't focus, my friends and family were starting to avoid me.

Finally, I had had ENOUGH!  

I had to get out of my own head, stop living in yesterday and start living again.

 So, after a LOT of trial and error, a ton of books, expert support and more than a few steps back. 



I want the same thing for you!

You don't have to to do this alone.

You don't need to go through what I did trying to figure it out.  

I've done the hard work for you

 I created this program for YOU. 

For those who want to be finished once and for all with the pain of their breakup.


It’s time to take ACTION.

It’s time to take back your life!

You deserve to be happy again.  To find THE guy.  Trust me when I say your ex wasn't him.  You are worth so much more!

In 30 days you will begin to:

  • Get your power back
  • No longer feel hopeless
  • Learn to love who you are again 
  • Deal with the pain and guilt of your breakup 
  • Let go of the past & start living for today
  • Feel more self-confident
  • Reverse your negative thoughts & actions
  • To stop acting on emotional triggers
  • Decide what you truly want & need in your next relationship

Finally Stop obsessing about your Ex!

This program is ONLY for those who are:

Committed to showing up and participating every week with a can-do attitude

Are ready to take responsibility for their life and relationships, past and present

Who are DONE and are ready to put themselves and their well-being first

Ready to COMMIT to changing their life for good

I started counseling with Beth over the phone. If it wasn’t for someone with no attachment to me or the ex I think I would have questioned the advice more. My friends were great and listened and i tried to take their advice, but when a stranger is helping you there is no reason other then they want to help you! Thank god for that! I don’t even know what feelings I’m having sometimes or why they come out of nowhere. I don’t have a bunch of answers but my advice is: talk to someone like Beth, keep busy, have a focus and start every day new!”  — Heather B.
“I really resonated with Beth, 
she is very personable and approachable, 
very calming. You just get that sense that she listens”  — Danielle  
"Thank you Beth!  If wasn't for all your support and advice, I don't know how I would have made it through these last few months.  Having you there to give me the "kick in the pants" I needed sometimes finally got me moving in the right direction. I am so much stronger now. - Kristina

Here's what you get:

● An Intimate group setting (5 participants maximum per program)

● Live calls twice a week for 4 weeks in a recorded video chat

● Access to a private secret Facebook group

● Accountability support by me and other participants with a follow-up

● Tips, resources, and tools to start letting go


You have already given so much; now is the time to do what is best for you!

If you don't start to let go, you will only lose more...
your sleep, your friends, your sanity, possibly even your job or business, but most importantly time.

Don’t spend another minute in the past;



So what are you waiting for?

Only $197
(Special introductory offer)