Why You Need To Work With Me

  • If you’re crying yourself to sleep at night thinking about what could have been – I will help you heal
  • If you’re sick of beating yourself up for all of the things you said, or didn’t say? – I will help you get past that
  • If you’re feeling stuck months or years after your breakup and have realized you can’t get past this on your own – I will help you move forward
  • If you want to stop being in pain, and you want to move on and be healthy. – I will help you feel good again
  • If you are through trying to get your ex back and if you want to stop falling for your ex’s mind games and getting pulled back in by their control tactics. – I will help you conquer that
  • If you are done with feeling betrayed and you just want to move on.  – I will help you write that next chapter
  • If you’ve decided you want to live happily. – I will help you do just that

Stop Focusing On What Was.

Work With Me and You Won’t Waste Another Day Looking Back.

See what my clients continue to say:

I really resonated with Beth,
she is very personable and approachable,
very calming. You just get that sense that she listens
— Danielle
Thank you Beth Lynch for calling me and walking me through some of the issues I was having. Life doesn’t seem so bleak anymore and I’m know I destined for an incredible future.
— Charity Napper
Beth, I have spoke to her privately on more the one occasion and her insight on my recovery and finding me has helped me so much. Thank you Beth from the bottom of my heart. You are absolutely invaluable!!!
— Bethany Tunison

What We’ll Focus On

  • Learning tools and strategies for dealing with your Ex and coping with your feelings   

  • Taking responsibility for your life, including why you were attracted to your Ex and what to look for in your next relationship

  • Loving who you are and getting rid of those negative thoughts and actions

  • Developing healthy habits and thoughts

  • Learning to live on your own and enjoy it.

  • Understanding what you want

  • Learning to value your needs

  • Decide what you truly want & need in your next relationship.

  • Moving forward so that when you ARE ready to date again, you're feeling amazing!
  • Identifying red flags

My goal is to help you help yourself launch forward and get back on the path to happiness and self-satisfaction.  Let’s write that next chapter together!


Q1. Why do I need a Breakup Coach when I can just talk to my best friend and family?

Excellent question! Talking with friends and family is great, in fact it's always a great first step to get out your negative feelings to those who love and care about you. The difference is friends and family is about relationships. Friends and family don't want to hurt your feelings or make you angry at them so they don't always tell it like it is and make you accountable for fear of losing your relationship with them. My job as your breakup coach is to focus on you and your situation. Your growth and development towards your end goal. I focus on providing solutions and solving problems. I don't have any preconceived ideas about you or your ex and I have been helping women with proven results. While I certainly empathize with what you are going through my ONLY goal is to help you move past whatever obstacles are in your way.

Q2. I am already seeing a therapist so how are you different?

Therapy, is typically longer-term and digs deeper into a client’s past. Therapy is a healing profession trained and licensed to diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and psychological disorders. Coaching and therapy can and do complement each other very well. Breakup coaching fills a more present need, helping clients deal with the after effects and consequences of a failed relationship. You can look at it like coaching starts where therapy ends, making coaching a good fit for those going through a breakup.

Q3. What’s the "Free Consultation" call about?

Once you decide to take the next step you will be taken to my calendar where you can schedule a convenient time to chat with me. It’s a great chance for us to get to know each other a little bit better. It's where I find out more about you and what you want to work on most and what your ideal outcome is.

I’ll let you know about the coaching packages that I offer. You decide if you’re interested. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase one of the packages on this call. It's a chance for you to get to know me and my personality to see if I’m a good fit for you.

Q4. What are my payment options?

I have many different payment options available and it is something we can talk about on our call. I do my best to accommodate your budget.

Book Your Consultation

This is an important decision, I get that. Let’s take 30 minutes to chat and see if we’re a good fit to work together. If we are GREAT! If not, I understand that too. I’m happy to answer your questions about my programs and offerings during a free, no obligation Skype or Facebook Messenger call.  Click below to schedule a time.  

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It's time to step into your new life with a foundation of confidence, power, and fearlessness because you’ll have put the time and effort required into becoming a new, happier more confident you.

Ready to find that strong, confident, happy person you were before your breakup

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I started counseling with Beth over the phone. If it wasn’t for someone with no attachment to me or the ex I think I would have questioned the advice more. My friends were great and listened and i tried to take their advice, but when a stranger is helping you there is no reason other then they want to help you! Thank god for that! I don’t even know what feelings I’m having sometimes or why they come out of nowhere. I don’t have a bunch of answers but my advice is: talk to someone like Beth, keep busy, have a focus and start every day new!
— Heather B.