Were you blindsided recently or has it been months and you
just don’t know how to get your ex out of your mind?

How do you pick yourself up and begin living again?

How do you move past all of the constant reminders?

The Action-Plan Workbook provides the perfect solution for someone who
wants a nudge in the right direction.


During this 7-day program, you will take the steps necessary to regain control and move toward a future of endless possibilities.

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Each day will be a stepping stone to remembering who you used to be and finding out who you are now. As you complete each task, you will begin to free yourself from the negativity and grow stronger. By focusing on only one task per day, you will be able to celebrate your personal growth throughout the process without becoming overwhelmed by change. You will also learn strategies to cope with the highs and lows of the emotional breakup roller coaster.

Don’t let yourself wonder what could have been; wonder what will be.

Work through your past so you can anticipate your future. 


You deserve to be yourself.

You deserve to be confident.

You deserve to be empowered.

You deserve to be loved.


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